Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Blogvertising- End of blog purity ?

Well i guess it had to come some day or the other...We have all been sharing all sites we love or things which interests us on the web through our blogs. Ted Murphy the founder CEO of Payperpost has through his site launched a barge of bloggers onto the web who will now be advertising for companies registered on the website to promote their products.

HP and Fox are few of the high profile companies enrolled. HP is gonna use this method to make its latest camera model popular. One thing though,HP has required all those posts made to be shown as sponsored posts if the bloggers post is accepted by the website. So has Fox confirmed this disclosure.

Another website ReviewMe has gone a step further and tried to include only those blogs that have some amount of traffic by checking for blog quality too.This then takes care of those just out to make a quick buck.

So what does it mean to the pristinity of blogs? Well i think people will still avoid those blogs which are being reviewed by those out to make a buck and read only the true bloggers reviews. For eg: David Ponce ,one of the bloggers at ReviewMe is also an editor of a techblog on one of his blogs reviewed data recovery software Handy Recover and started with saying that he was being compensated for taking his time to review this item and ended his review by saying that this software was anything but Handy.

So i guess people will still continue to read bloggers who are true to themselves so whats the problem if they make a bit of dough while they are at it.....