Tuesday, February 27, 2007

What about Hygiene Mr Lalu??

The Rail budget is out and everyone is cheering for Mr Lalu and why not??He achieved what was once thought to be impossible, bringing Indian Railways back in the black. His aam aadmi budget has brought in cheer for everyone in the country.

One question that i feel remains to be addressed in any discussion regarding the IR is that of hygiene and cleanliness in the trains and at the railway station. If we really are to be anywhere near the top railways in the world we need to do a HUGE clean up act. Its neither the super fast A/c coaches nor the dedicated freight corridors which are going to make Indian Railways a common man's friend but the Hygiene factor.

One walk down any Indian railway station will reveal whats the real problem. The stations are stinking with urine smell and there is human excreta everywhere on the tracks. This is not the fault of Mr Lalu and his railway department,but the aam aadmi himself. We don't have any sense of public hygiene or health hazards arising out of the lack of hygiene. We litter the stations and use them as public urinals. Also even though its specifically mentioned in all coach toilets NOT to use the toilet when the trains have stopped at a station,people end up doing there business right when the train stops.

I still don't understand our mentality of spoiling our own country by throwing litter in public instead of the garbage bin,spitting pan all over the walls, making ones love public by writing on national monuments etc etc etc....and how these very people when they enter Singapore, Japan or UK are following every rule to the 't'. These very people never do any of the above things in these countries.

Please don't tell me that its the uneducated poor people who do it. This behaviour is common all economic classes. It just as common to see a rich babu spitting pan out of his posh car as it is of seeing a poor guy using the road as a public urinal.( In fact the babu is doing a bigger demeanor as the poor dude might not be having a home let alone a loo.)

So its high time i think we Indians woke up and stopped considering our country as the world biggest garbage dump and started cleaning up our country. Everyone of us can make a difference.So next time you see that plastic bag on the ground put it in the nearest rubbish bin.

Save Indian Railways,Save Indian Roads,Save India.

PS: Keep up the good job Mr Lalu and don't forget to use your container for spitting the pan.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Think Simple

Found a blog link that reminds me any amount of analytical thinking bullshit doesn't really explain things as clearly as this...