Saturday, December 07, 2013

Return of the Scientist Rockstar

It was a pleasure to read in the Guardian today about the new Oscars for Science - The Breakthrough prize for life sciences. It seems to be the biggest prize money being given out to the scientists who have contributed in a significant way. The prize money of 3 million each is more than the Nobel prize itself. Ofcourse it doesnt come with the same prestige but I'm sure there are many more people who deserve the attention of the world than just the Nobel prize winners in the various fields. Yes, it might even be true that the 4 Tech gurus of this world (Yuri Milner, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerburg and Jack Ma) might be doing this for some self publicity but hey, I don't mind the reasons as long as there is some good coming out of it.

I had read somewhere that scientists were the rockstars of the 19th century. Well it seems we might have come a full circle in the 21st century (or atleast showing signs of it ). Although there is no respite in the coverage of everyday motions of the rockstars, moviestars and all others belonging to the entertainment field, it is definitely endearing to see more and more coverage of the people who are doing to change the world we live in.

It somehow important that we continue with attention. Not for the sake of the scientists themselves , although of course they deserve every bit of praise that comes their way - but also for the generation of today looking for their first role models besides their parents.

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