Tuesday, March 31, 2009

All the World's a Fool

All the world's a fool,
Fooled into selecting their governments,
Governments fooled into choosing their policies and policy makers
Who get fooled by the war mongers to wage never ending wars,
War mongers who are fooled by the terrorists who feed them,
Terrorists who are fooled by their leaders into believing this war has a meaning,
Leaders who are fools to believe that there are Gods watching us,
All the world's a foolMen and women are fools in love
Fools to believe in the Valentine's days and the April Fools days
Promoted by the marketing guys to make a buck
Marketing guys who are fooled out of their bonuses
Bonuses which fool the Big shots into Bank assets
which are not worth the paper they are written on.
Doesn't the world know better than - that the buck never stops
Making a fool of everyone.
All the world's a fool.
All the children who were having fun,
Fooled into education to spoil the fun,
Education fooled them into a (rat) race,
A race which fooled them into working more for a promise,
A promise which said if you worked , you could have all the fun.
Wasn't it what the children were having my friend?
All the world's a fool.

Inspired to write my first poetry on questions that sometimes pop up in my mind. There are plenty more but I felt sleepy to write more. I know I know, its an insult to poetry but I thought why not give it a shot. For I'm just being a fool. And by the way Happy Fools Day.:-D

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Soumya's murderers found

Six months after the brutal murder of Soumya, the Delhi police claim to have found the murderers. It seems its a gang of thieves who have also been involved in the murder of another Delhi BPO employee,Jigisha.

It seems they were out to rob both the victims and drunk when they hit Soumya with a country made pistol. Somehow it doesn't feel right that someone would be willing to kill for a few thousand to be shared by 5 people. The police seem convinced and so does Soumya's father.I guess its just my sixth sense tingling and hopefully its really been solved. Read more about it here. http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/story.aspx?Title=Killers+of+Soumya,+Jigisha+arrested,+claim+police&artid=ecVoYvtEppg=&SectionID=b7ziAYMenjw=&MainSectionID=b7ziAYMenjw=&SectionName=pWehHe7IsSU=&SEO=DELHI,%20POLICE,%20SOUMYA,%20VISHWANATHAN,%20JIGISHA

What's really crazy is to see the comments made by the people below the news article, in which they say women shouldn't work at night or in jobs which might provocate these elements. I read it and it irks me to no small measure. And then i think, will I be happy about sending my mother,daughter,girl friend or wife out in the night alone in the streets of Delhi and I cannot seem to completely disagree with the essence of these comments. That's the sad state of affairs for the security of women in the country.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Trying to force back this Bloggers block

New year came and went by and I didn't write a word. Not for lack of events definitely. I would even go so far as to declare my 2009 welcome as my best new year welcome ever. A lot has happened in 2 months but alas blogging hasn't been one of them. New job, new yet old base, new additions to the family, travel for work and travel for pleasure,cutting out of rice in my diet and an geometrically progressing job description being part of the incomplete list.

I'm happy to no end and pissed and frustrated on the other end. Although i would say happy wins this time over. However my mind has gone blank in regards to blogging so I thought I needed to regain control and pen something, anything down.

Elections are around the corner, Obamania is slowly winding down with the realization that he might not have all the answers after all (What a surprise!), Taliban's slowly taking over Pakistan, LTTE is slowly being extinguished, Phelps had a joint (Big deal I had one too- didn't make me an 8 time olympic gold winner), pink chaddis were gifted to Muthalik and ilk. The world moves on whether I'm blogging or not. So why not let my mind wander and think again of what is,what can be,what shouldn't and be the boss of my own spiel. Amen!