Monday, March 02, 2009

Trying to force back this Bloggers block

New year came and went by and I didn't write a word. Not for lack of events definitely. I would even go so far as to declare my 2009 welcome as my best new year welcome ever. A lot has happened in 2 months but alas blogging hasn't been one of them. New job, new yet old base, new additions to the family, travel for work and travel for pleasure,cutting out of rice in my diet and an geometrically progressing job description being part of the incomplete list.

I'm happy to no end and pissed and frustrated on the other end. Although i would say happy wins this time over. However my mind has gone blank in regards to blogging so I thought I needed to regain control and pen something, anything down.

Elections are around the corner, Obamania is slowly winding down with the realization that he might not have all the answers after all (What a surprise!), Taliban's slowly taking over Pakistan, LTTE is slowly being extinguished, Phelps had a joint (Big deal I had one too- didn't make me an 8 time olympic gold winner), pink chaddis were gifted to Muthalik and ilk. The world moves on whether I'm blogging or not. So why not let my mind wander and think again of what is,what can be,what shouldn't and be the boss of my own spiel. Amen!


R.V said...

Welcome back! Things change around us whether we notice it or not!

Elections are screwing me... Toying with my exams :( But what to do? Lets hope change is here in India too!

I absolutely loved this line :

Phelps had a joint (Big deal I had one too- didn't make me an 8 time olympic gold winner)

Thomas said...

Here we go again - get ready for the rollercoaster ride!!

Great to read your thoughts, and to see that you found some real happiness ;)

Give me some perspective on the Indian sweep of the Oscars. I managed to see the movie on a flight across the atlantic, and liked it, but heard it sparked some controversy in India (obviously).