Wednesday, February 27, 2008


If you aren't among the one million people from the Southern Denmark then you have no clue what the heading just meant. But if you are, then you know this word covers almost 1/10th of the daily vocabulary. Mojn is Good morning, good evening, goodbye and everything else in between.

Yesterday I celebrated a month living in Denmark. Lots of new stuff. Learning to cook, clean, wash as soon as i return from a hectic day at work. Throw in a couple of kids and I'm a working mom !!! But seriously all this living on my own thing has brought in a whole in respect for my mom and all other mom's in the world. Man we take you for granted.

And i realise I'm missing my Pulsar(my motorbike for Non Indians) bad.I have been here for a month and I'm stuck like a fish in a pond. Here is Sonderborg city- which is not the best connected place in Europe.

But there are fun things too. Trying my hand at new stuff. Salsa and Sword fighting for eg:Could you GET any weirder combination than that.Both were fun though. Starting working out again.

That's all for now. Hoping to get some traveling miles under me soon ,so looking forward to that. So like Truman would say Mojn and in case I don't see ya Mojn Mojn Mojn.