Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Don't Practice Swimming....SWIM

Scene 1 Take 1

Narrator: Some time in Early 2004 Yours truly went along for a ride with few friends.They were going to attend the selection process for a software company and were very tensed. Yours truly was bored and was just along going for the ride.

Round 1 of Selection: Written test- Aptitude

Almost all qualify including Yours truly.

Round 2: Written Test - Technical

Four of them clear including Yours truly. Almost all further tests attended by all four.

Round 3: Oral test - Technical

Yours truly has no clue and for most of the questions says "Pass"

Round 4: Oral test - Technical round 2

Only Yours truly has this special technical round.Again similar questions. Again "Pass" being the most popular answer.

Round 5: Interview with CFO

CFO: "Lets have a honest discussion here rather than an interview"

Yours truly : (Yeah Rite!) "Of course sir"

CFO : "So tell me,something about your future plans"

Yours Truly: " Well somewhere down the line I'd like to start my own business"

CFO: "How do you plan to do that?"

Yours Truly:(All smug)"Well i plan to work for a few years,get an MBA after that,work again for a few more years and then start the business"

CFO: "But then why don't you start one right now?"

Yours truly:(Surprised)"Well for starters I have no experience,I don't want to make any mistakes when I do start"

CFO : "I have just one thing to say, Does practicing outside a swimming pool for days with all the hand and leg movements make you swim from the first time you enter the pool??"

Scene 2 Take 1

Circa 2007

Yours Truly:I now KNOW what you meant sire.