Sunday, April 13, 2008

Around the World with McDonald's

I was walking the streets of Rome hopping from tourist spot to another-The Pantheon, The Fountain di Trevi,the Roman Forum etc etc and one common factor stuck out every time. There was a McDonald's within 100m of all these sites.Seeing how great McDees are at real estate( The burgers are definitely nothing much to write about)I had this idea for McDonald's marketing team. A Round the World with McDonald's promotion. Eat at 5 different Golden Arches around the world and win yada yada yada. Just one thing though. Remember to pay me for this! I'm Lovin it.

That Reservation word again

No comments. I have said it all here.

Only question - Why oh Why God are we to be cursed for vote Politics? No such unanimity among political parties when it comes to growth and development. I reiterate I'm not against reservations per say.I truly believe education is the way out.But in IIM's and IIT's? What's first needed is equality at primary and secondary education levels. Premier institutes like IIT's are among the only places left where there existed equality to certain extent.The equality of Meritocracy.

Reservations just takes that away in a flash.Fake certificate touts and creamy layer parents Heaven. Please show me some real effect towards inclusive social equality by doing this.Please Please Please!!!Or just leave the poor students alone. They are having a tough time already.Now all the parents and teachers are gonna be like- you are ONLY a 90% er you need to be 99%er. Why don't we just pour them some poison and be done with it.

This Avial I Like

Normally most mallus can't stop salivating at the very mention of avial( a mixture of veggies and coconut) but I'm NOT one of them. Never liked them Never will. But I think I just found another kind of the Avial I like. The musical version. Yes ladies and Gentleman the new Malayalam rockband Avial is belting out some real cool tunes. Do check it out. Be it Nada nada or Karukara or Adu Pambe, you can't help getting a good vibe. And Malayalam goes Hip. COOL

Been traveling and all that

Its been a very hectic 30 days for me.Started with my vacation to Italia(Ah i miss it already),returned to work preparing everything for a two week tour to India and Germany. A sad news heard just before leaving for India and returning yesterday after having my ears filled with German for the last two.

I had thought I would make a travelogue for my Italian trip but I guess I ain't in the mood anymore. Smells of Bergamo's Old city,Florence sunsets from the Pizzale Michaelangelo,Looking at the entire city of Venice from a church tower across the main island and gaping at the Colloseum in all its majesty and trying to push down the Tower of Pisa ,All the glamour and glitter inside the famous Vatican Museum were among the main highlights.

Moving from one youth hostel to another,meeting new people from different walks of life,partying with complete strangers probably never to meet them again and more makes you wanna travel all your life.

You begin to see what all this wander Lust thing is all about. Nomad for life.Would't that be something. Some one just pay my bills thats all.