Monday, July 23, 2007

Citizen No:1

We have selected Pratibha Patil as the new President of India. Following Dr Kalam's footsteps is a tough ask for anyone, but all the drama that was the prologue to this Presidential term with all the mud slinging on both Pratibha Patil and Mr Bhairon Singh Shekhawat has made it almost impossible to Pratibha Patil to be a credible representative of all the citizens of the country.

Charges of mismanagement are raised on Pratibha Patil of the closed Pratibha Mahila Sahakari Bank and allegations of her protecting her brother on some murder charges.Similarly corruption charges on Shekhawat.All these will make sure that every child in the country will look at Pratibha with certain trepidation.

This shouldn't be the way a country looks at their Citizen No:1. For long the President is someone whom almost the entire country has been proud of. Now with the excess politicization of this office we have lost this too!!!Thank you very much

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Somebody's gonna get hurt real bad

Tomorrow I go back home after getting my first salary.Have plans to buy things for Mom and Dad and bro and treat other relatives.Feels good that now i am in a position to do so.Wished my dad "Happy father's day" around a couple of weeks back and wrote that i admired and respected and loved him even though i could not say "My Dad's an ATM" anymore.

Life's changing yet again but at this new cross road im forced to think back about what Mom and Dad did for me and my bro.I used to hate all those scoldings and beatings Mom used to give for not doing homework and watching too much TV.Always scared of her oft repeated threat,Do this or Ill tell Dad! and the worry that Somebody's gonna get hurt real bad would push me to do whatever that she demanded.Even now im sure if she sees me sitting idle watching TV her first reaction might be to ask me to go and study.Hehehe

Now when i look back I guess it was all meant for this day when i am able to stand up on my own and have a personal sense of achievement. But this would not have been possible, if not for all those years of knocking sense into my head by my parents.So I now know when i stand proudly among my peers who I need to be grateful to.

MOM and DAD u guys are the best and thanks for everything you have ever done for me.For you it might just have be part of parenthood and unconditional love,for me it was my entire life.Praying you guys are always there to scare me with "Vicky,Do this or Somebody's gonna get hurt real bad !!!!" Love you always.

Move over Mr Bill Gates

Carlos Slim Helu              Bill Gates

Move over ol fella, theres a new richest dude on the block- Carlos Slim Helu. Neither is he slim nor is he the villain of a cold war era movie. He's worth about $ 67.8 billion, a $ 8.6 billion lead over Mr Gates. Hmm...$ 67.8 billion, that's only approximately about 8 % of India's GDP.

FYI his companies include Telmex and America Movil. Telmex owns 90% of Mexico's telephone lines. 13 seems to be unlucky for Gates as its been 13 years ,he's been on top of the rich pile.

Well ek din hona hi tha. Im sure soon some one else will come an replace Mr Carlos too. Just keeping my fingers (toes and everything else too) tightly crossed and hoping it is me.