Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Soumya honoured in Stockholm

Soumya Vishwanathan along with 5 other Indian journos were honoured at the Stockholm Journalists Memorial 2008. Read the full story here Whats specially disheartening to read is that the no one from the Indian embassy in Stockholm felt it fit to join in the bereavement. Are you seriously telling me that the elite bureaucracy in Stockholm representing India are so overloaded? Disgraceful is the word that comes to mind.

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Rashi V said...

Jose Luis Belmar, the founder of PROFOCA, lamented to IANS, saying that ,"We are extremely saddened that India, the largest democracy in the world, as well as, boasting by far the most extensive free press globally does not see fit to participate in this momentous event in which neither politics nor any material or individual gain is involved".

Belmar added, "In fact this is the second consecutive year that the Indian embassy in Stockholm has seen fit to outright ignore our invitation that was sent in very good time. I, indeed, cannot imagine why they would scorn our efforts to honour the seekers, and victims, of truth in this world of violence".

These 2 comments made were most shameful to read. Being an Indian, it is really sad to see that people dont even care about dedicated professionals -of whom the country should be proud of - are not even worthy of a visit...

Even after OTHER countries are honoring them, our country decides to give this a miss...What are we appreciating? Where does our loyalty lie as a country?